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Driving lessons from 'mum and dad'

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People learning to drive are relying on family and friends instead of taking professional lessons to keep costs down, it has been revealed.

But the experience for some has not been good, with as many as 17% describing it as "a bad experience" - one they would not recommend to other learners.

Nearly half of those having amateur lessons, 46%, said they had arguments in the car while 27% felt they learned bad driving habits.

The poll by price-comparison website indicated that 12% of learners are taught only by amateur drivers, while 13% mix these with professional lessons.

Some 72% of those instructed by amateurs said lessons from a professional instructor are too expensive.

Mark Monteiro, of, said: "Learner drivers are increasingly seeking to keep costs down by relying on 'freebie' tuition from family and friends. This can be cost effective but not always as straightforward as it seems.

"Amateur instructors are also likely to miss vital parts of the picture, such as making sure the learner is insured to drive the vehicle they are learning in. This could have serious and long-lasting consequences for all involved."

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