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Bana prefers F1 win over Oscars

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Hulk actor Eric Bana, who has made a documentary about his favourite car, says he would prefer to be crowned Formula 1 champion rather than winning an Oscar.

The 41-year-old self-confessed petrolhead said: "I'd rather be Formula 1 champion. It's a measurable thing, acting and film awards are always very subjective - it's one of the reasons I love motor racing, I guess."

He added: "Each time I go to a race track if I'm half a second quicker than I was last time then I know I'm going in the right direction, so it's great for your sanity when you do what I do for a living."

Bana's new film and directorial debut is about a Ford GT Falcon Coupe, which he reckons he is "definitely" in love with. The actor said he wanted to own a Coupe ever since he saw Mel Gibson driving one in Mad Max.

He says the muscle car kept him out of trouble as a teenager and stopped him from drinking.

"Why would I want to drink? Then I couldn't go out cruising," he said.

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