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Car use slashed due to recession

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A new poll has indicated that the economic downturn has led around 20% of motorists to cut down on driving.

Those who reduced vehicle use the most during the recession were from north west England, while those who cut back the least were from north east England.

Around 16% slashed the use of their car to save money, while 4% had sold their vehicle, the Bridgestone survey showed.

But of the 4,000 drivers polled by the tyre firm, 72% said their driving habits had not been affected by the financial crisis.

Analyst Andy Dingley, from Bridgestone, said: "Perhaps as a nation we are so attached to our cars that, recession or not, we rely on them for so much day to day that it would take more than a credit crunch for us to change our driving habits."

The survey also revealed that 55% of motorists described themselves as courteous drivers, while 14% said they were selfish.

Around 37% spent £5,000 or less on their last car. The poll also added that 58% found a clear open road the best thing about driving.

The ideal travelling companion for male drivers was Cheryl Cole, while comedian Stephen Fry was top choice for women.

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