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Call for global road safety action

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Road safety campaigners have called upon world leaders to agree plans for a decade of action that would save five million lives on roads worldwide.

The 10-point plan calls for governments to work together to reduce the 2020 forecast of 1.9 million road fatalities by 50%, to below one million a year.

It is believed that a combined political commitment, international donor support for infrastructure development, and sustained national prioritisation of road injury prevention, could avoid five million deaths and 50 million serious injuries over the next 10 years.

More than 90% of around 1.3 million world road deaths estimated this year will occur in the poorest countries. It is believed that road fatalities could double the current level by 2030, if governments do not act now.

In developing countries road traffic fatalities are the single biggest source of death among 15-19 year olds and the second leading cause among 5-14 year olds. It is also estimated that by 2015 road crashes will be the number one killer of children aged 5-14.

Moscow is hosting a first-ever global ministerial road safety summit which will be attended by UK Transport Minister Paul Clark and other politicians.

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