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New cross-border car sharing drive

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The first ever cross-border car-sharing scheme for Northern Ireland and the Republic aims to dramatically cut traffic congestion and pollution.

The new Car Share North West website - - allows commuters living in Donegal, Derry and Strabane to sign up and share the daily commute to work.

Ministers hope the scheme, backed by ministers on both sides of the border, will save drivers some cash and slash traffic levels along majorly congested routes.

Stormont's Regional Development Minister, Conor Murphy, and the Republic's Transport Minister, Noel Dempsey, said two people sharing a daily journey between Letterkenny and Derry for a year could save £1,000.

Mr Murphy said: "This is a welcome new car-share initiative for North West commuters which is free to use and will help to reduce congestion and pollution in the region.

"Traffic has increased significantly here in recent years, with the high number of single occupancy cars on the roads each day playing a major role in contributing to this issue."

The project was developed by the Department of Regional Development in partnership with the Department of Transport in the south

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