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Driving re-offending rates rising

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A considerable rise in re-offending rates for drink- and drug- driving has prompted the Liberal Democrats to accuse ministers of putting road users at risk.

Data for 2008 showed 24% of people convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol had been guilty of the same offence before, up from 16% in 2000.

Offenders could either have their car insurance application rejected or see a hike in their car insurance premium.

West Midlands recorded the highest re-offending rates at 29%, while the rates in Bedfordshire, Northumbria, South Wales and West Yorkshire were at 26%.

The Metropolitan Police registered an increase from 14% to 24% in the figures that were released in a written parliamentary reply from junior justice minister Claire Ward.

Road safety spokesman Mark Hunter said: "Labour's record of inaction on drink and drug-driving crime is failing Britain and putting our drivers and pedestrians at increased risk.

"We have a drink drive limit that is 37% higher than European recommendations, and the Government has failed to introduce roadside drugs testing. Labour's warm words on road safety are not enough - action is needed."

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