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Police stop 'super lorry' boss

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A 74-year-old haulage company boss from Lincoln has flown in the face of traffic officials to drive his 82-foot 'super lorry' on public roads - despite the vehicle being prohibited under current regulations.

Dick Denby, owner of Denby Transport, took to the wheel of his new lorry before being stopped by police and questioned by officials.

Mr Denby claims that the size of the lorry - which weighs 60 tons when fully loaded and is 26-feet longer than an average lorry - could reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles on Britain's roads if current highway regulations were altered to accommodate them.

Upon disembarking from his cab, the grandfather of six was determined to plead his case, saying: "A new experience every day, that's my motto in life.

"It's one job at a time. The next step is for me to talk to our legal advisors and I'll take their advice."

Denby claims that the lorry need not be filled to its maximum 60 ton capacity in order to prove its environmental and economic worth.

By filling the lorry to the legal 44-ton limit with lighter goods, it could still reduce the number of vehicles on Britain's roads, Denby claims.

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