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Airports lose 7,000 items every day

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The UK's 20 main airports are losing 2.5 million items of luggage every year - with more than 70,000 items never making it back to their owners, according to figures from InsureandGo.

Statistics for 2009 also reveal that the total value of never-returned luggage this year is in excess of £7 million.

The insurance firm said it estimated that every day nearly 7,000 items of luggage put on or taken off planes in the UK are misplaced either here or abroad, with Scots being the main luggage losers.

It also added that 12% of those who claim to have lost luggage between 2006 and 2008 believed it was stolen intentionally, while 54% reckoned it was put on the wrong flight by mistake.

Also, 17% believed that someone else had mistakenly picked up their bags.

As many as 13% of Scottish air travellers suffered from lost or misplaced luggage in the 2006/08 period.

Those suffering least from baggage problems during this period were West Midland travellers, with only 2% having luggage difficulties.

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