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Motorists 'getting more complacent'

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Motorists are getting increasingly complacent over car security and less concerned about vehicle theft, according to a survey by insurance company Admiral.

Compared to last year,  fewer drivers - 76% - were worried about their car being stolen or broken into.

And the poll of 3,000 motorists has shown a worrying rise in levels of driver complacency, with far more leaving items on display in unattended vehicles -  rising from 71% last year to 73% this time.

The most common items left on view are coats and jackets, with 59% admitting to leaving them on show compared with 56% in 2008.

According to Admiral's figures, most types of car crime are falling and the poll did show that only 30% thought car crime was on the increase, compared with 37% last year.

Theft of car keys from homes was definitely on the rise, with a total of 39% of motorists polled saying they now hid their car keys at night or when leaving home without their car.

Admiral managing director Sue Longthorn said: "At this time of year, people will often leave their Christmas shopping on show on the back seat of their car. For a criminal this is an open invitation. Think how heartbroken you would be if you had your presents stolen."

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