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Call for more 20 mph speed limits

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"Twenty is plenty" could be the mantra after the Government announced plans to allow councils to bring in more 20mph speed-limit areas.

Before the proposals, if a council wanted to implement a 20mph limit on a road it could only do so on groups of roads in so-called speed zones which require speed humps and other traffic-calming measures.

The 20mph schemes would no longer have to be accompanied by humps or other measures, under the proposals announced by road safety minister Paul Clark.

Areas which may see the 20mph schemes are around schools, parks and shops where pedestrian and cycle traffic is high.

In a city-wide trial for the "no-humps" plan early indications show a 15% reduction in casualties.

Councils have been urged to cut 60mph speed limits to 50mph on the single-carriageway A and B roads with the highest accident rates.

Mr Clark said: "We have seen that 20mph zones with traffic calming measures can make a real difference to the safety of local roads. But we've also looked at the latest research and listened to councils and residents who want to introduce 20mph limits on a series of roads where physical traffic calming measures aren't possible or practical."

Research from has revealed that young drivers in particular suffer significant increased premiums for receiving points on their licences. They cite an example of a 21-year-old female from Manchester driving a 1.3 Ford Fiesta who would suffer a 92% increase - £895 in difference - in her premium as a result of receiving six points.

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