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RAC condemns speed camera comments

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A motoring group has said that it would be "reckless" to suggest that a town's roads are safer after the removal of fixed-point speed cameras.

The RAC Foundation has spoken out against Swindon Borough Council's leader's comments that  recent accident and speed-offence statistics are a vindication of the decision to remove the cameras over a year ago.

The motoring foundation commented that it would be "reckless" to conclude that speed cameras play no part in road safety.

The council said that in August-October 2009, just 1,033 motorists received prosecution notices after being caught by mobile cameras in the Wiltshire town.

But in the same three-month period in 2008 when the fixed-point cameras were in place the figure was 2,227.

The council also said that while there had been one fatal accident on the roads covered by the cameras in August-October 2008, there had been no deaths in the same period this year.

There were four slight-injury accidents in August-October 2008 compared with two serious-injury and four slight-injury accidents in August-October 2009.

The council's leader Rod Bluh told the Daily Mail: "These figures clearly show there is no link between accidents and cameras."

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: "The town's experience seems to offer absolutely no statistical assurance that fixed speed cameras do not contribute to preventing death and injury on the nation's roads."

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