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New delivery van for Horses fan

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A publican from Northern Ireland has unveiled his new delivery van, which is styled on the infamous three-wheeler from the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Mark 'Del Boy' Drumm, 28, from Enniskillen, now has the yellow Reliant Regal as his delivery van for Magee's Spirit Store.

Mark endured a long trip to get the motor back home. He flew to Southampton to pick up the car and then drove it more than 300 miles to Wales in order to get the ferry back to Enniskillen.

"Its top speed is 50mph so it was a long trip," he laughed. "You know you're having a bad day when you get passed by a bin lorry.

"It was like sailing a boat - any gust of wind blew you across the road and I was fearful it would tip over every time I went round a roundabout."

However, the van needed a lot of work before it resembled the Trotters Independent Traders three-wheeler. 

"I got a painter in Enniskillen to give it the once over and get Magee's on the side of it," he explained.

"He did a great job. Though to be fair I actually spent more on the paint job than the van itself."

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