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Used van sale values rise by 4%

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Latest figures from a car auction company have shown that the sale values of average wholesale used vans have shot up by 4%, surpassing the 2006 levels at £127.

According to the three-year market analysis by Manheim Auctions, at £3,263, the average is however still lagging behind by 10.7%, in comparison to the 2007 mark - when the market was at its best.

Meanwhile, only two van segments - car vans and 4x4 commercials - managed to perform better than the 2007 values.

Alex Wright, Manheim's commercial vehicles sales director, said: "Prices should ease during the final quarter due to seasonality and we are also starting to see increases in average age and mileage.

"If this trend continues, due to contract extensions and deferred fleet replacement programmes, we will see the re-emergence of a two-tier marketplace with older, higher mileage and more damaged vans suffering a 'softening' in values with the more desirable sub-60,000 mile vehicles making strong money."

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