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Police 'track' down hapless thief

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Motorists have been warned to remain vigilant throughout the winter period after a opportunist thief was arrested by police who followed his bicycle tracks through the snow.

For once, the freezing conditions and thick snow were more a help than hindrance as officers in Taunton, Somerset used the man's bike tracks to locate him and his bounty.

Following his arrest for theft from a motor vehicle, officers searched the man's home and found stolen tools and a satnav system.

Inspector Sam Williams, from Taunton Police Station, has warned drivers that the arctic conditions are no deterrent to determined thieves, many of whom target vehicles that have been left running unattended to 'warm up'.

Insp Williams said: "This clearly demonstrates the initiative and dedication of our staff in literally tracking down those who commit crime and bringing them to justice.

"The snow has caused some problems across the region in the past few days but in this case it was a great help.

"Unfortunately opportunist thieves and criminals operate in all weathers so people should remember to keep their cars locked and not to leave valuable items on display."

The suspect is currently being held by police pending further investigations.

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