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Survey: 'People driving while ill'

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A new survey has revealed that many motorists are driving while ill - seeing the risk of making a car insurance claim rocket.

The AA/Populus survey showed that 19% of the 20,000 AA members questioned knew someone who had driven a car while they were too ill to drive.

However, just 2% of people admitted driving when feeling too ill to get behind the wheel, leading AA president Edmund King to warn motorists of the possible consequences.

Mr King said: "The survey results suggest that up to six million drivers may drive when they know they shouldn't for medical reasons. Drivers need to be aware of the risks that they are taking and the consequences of getting caught.

"Employers need to be more vigilant in checking driving licences and carrying out Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency checks on staff who may have had licences revoked for medical reasons or they might be liable."

The survey came in the wake of a report blasting doctors and healthcare professionals for inadequacies in the way patients who should not be driving were dealt with.

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