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Warnings of flood as snow thaws

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The Environment Agency has warned of flooding across the country, with heavy rainfall and thawing snow expected to cause further travel disruptions following the big freeze.

Although temperatures are expected to be milder, the environment body has issued as many as five flood warnings in the Midlands and north-east England, together with some two dozen flood alerts for many other places.

The South West suffered the worst of the fresh showers of snow that hit the country this week, with Gloucestershire particularly badly affected.

The Environment Agency said: "Higher temperatures combined with heavy rainfall could result in a more rapid thawing of snow and increased flood risk.

"There is a low risk of significant property flooding in Wales and parts of England. We urge people to stay up to date with weather and flood information from the Met Office and Environment Agency."

Forecaster Steve Ellison of MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, has predicted that there could be wind, heavy rain and sleet over the hills due to another front from the Atlantic.

However, temperatures are expected to reach up to 9C (48F) in the far south west, while for most other places it could vary between 4C and 5C.

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