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Lincoln drivers urged to mind trees

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Motorists in Lincoln have been warned to look out for trees, after a poll revealed that the city tops the list of claims for accidents involving the roadside greenery over the past five years.

Shrewsbury in Shropshire came second in the list of tree accidents, followed by Taunton in Somerset .

The accidents survey also noted that Durham has the highest number of lamp post accidents, followed by Blackpool and Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Insurance firms saw more motorists from Halifax approach them about hitting a wall than any other town. The next worst places for wall collisions are Orkney and Huddersfield.

According to the poll by, Scottish drivers are most prone to hit an animal.

It said that most "creature"claims comes from Inverness motorists, followed closely by Perth, Dumfries, Orkney and Aberdeen.

Insurance companies have also come across some unusual claims such as vehicles striking badgers, swans, horses, cows and even monkeys.

Brian Martin, managing director of, said: "It was unclear why we would see more collisions with lamp posts, trees and walls in the some areas. It's difficult to see why these towns in particular would top the list for these types of accidents."

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