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Clamped motorists get appeal rights

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The Government has announced that motorists who claim to have been unfairly clamped will be given the right to appeal to independent tribunals for compensation.

A new amendment - which came after calls to tighten the rules - means that clamping companies could be forced to compensate drivers and return excessive fees they charge from drivers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Announcing the measures, Home Office Minister Alan Campbell said all clampers will be licensed and required to sign up to a code of conduct under the new scheme.

He said: "The Government is committed to preventing abuses by unscrupulous wheel clamping firms and their employees.

"The introduction of an independent appeals process will for the first time provide independent recourse for motorists who feel aggrieved by unfair practices of rogue clamping businesses. The process will form part of the Government's compulsory licensing scheme, which will further regulate the industry and provide a fair system for motorists."

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, welcomed the initiative and said that an independent appeal system was "fundamental" to reform of the industry.

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