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Teens have more high-speed crashes

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Young drivers are involved in more high-speed crashes, a new study has claimed.

Insurer Admiral has revealed that the average cost for an accident involving drivers aged 17 and 18 was twice as high as that for motorists overall.

The company said that a crash involving teenagers in the above age group cost an average of £3,500 - compared with an overall figure of £1,741.

The study also revealed that drivers aged 17 and 18 were twice as likely to have an accident as motorists in their 30s, three times as likely as those in their 40s and six times as likely as those older than 50.

Figures showed that more than 10% of drivers aged 17 and 18 had been involved in a crash - compared with an overall average of 6.5%.

Admiral managing director Sue Longthorn said: "From our point of view, driving experience makes a huge difference and is the main reason older motorists have lower premiums."

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