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New green Honda hybrid goes on sale

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Carmaker Honda is hoping the launch of a sporty new hybrid car will encourage younger drivers to buy green.

The CR-Z is due to go on the market in Japan and it will be on sale in the US and Europe by the summer.

The basic model will have a £16,500 price tag and the top-end model will set buyers back by £18,200. The price of the car elsewhere has not been decided.

Honda said the CR-Z gets 58.8 miles per gallon. This is less than its Insight car - introduced last year to go head-to-head against Toyota's Prius, which had dominated the hybrid market for years.

The car is Honda's fourth hybrid following the Insight and petrol-electric versions of its Civic and Accord models.

The CR-Z's debut comes two weeks after Toyota recalled nearly 440,000 Priuses and other hybrids for faulty brakes amid complaints about a slight delay in the brakes working in cold conditions or on bumpy roads.

Honda said its braking system for hybrids is slightly different than Toyota's, and that the company has not received complaints about braking problems on its hybrid models.

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