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Drivers flout laws on mobile use

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A survey has shown that many motorists are still breaking the law by using their mobile phones while driving.

Research for Halfords found that people have now added texting and surfing the web to the more traditional offence of making calls while behind the wheel.

The figures came despite a crackdown three years ago, which saw tougher laws on in-car mobile phone use introduced.

The YouGov poll found that the much of the internet use while driving came from people checking messages on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The survey of 2,100 adults showed that more than a third of motorists (31%) said they had answered the phone while driving. A total of 22% admitted making a call, while 28% said they had read a text and 18% had written one.

Among those using the web, 5% of motorists had read a post on Twitter or Facebook while driving, with 2% going as far as writing an email while behind the wheel.

Some tried to justify in-car internet usage by claiming they only did it when in stationary traffic or at traffic lights, though this is still illegal.

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