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Drivers warned over point swapping

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Motorists have been warned of the consequences of "swapping" points in order to avoid driving bans after new research found that figures are on the increase.

Direct Line found that 2% of motorists have managed to get partners to take the blame for their driving offences.

In a survey carried out three years ago, the figure was 1.5%.

London is the worst area for point swapping offenders, with as many at 7% of motorists coming to an agreement to keep points off their licence.

The survey of 2,009 adults also revealed that 4% of those aged 18-35 have taken part in a point swapping arrangement.

Andy Goldby, director of motor underwriting at Direct Line, said: "Motorists are increasingly risking perverting the course of justice in order to maintain a clean licence, as well as to avoid a driving ban.

"However, trying to escape convictions by swapping points with another person is illegal and can lead to prosecution. Quite simply, it is not worth the risk."

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