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Women 'lack sense of direction'

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As many as 47% of women motorists admit that they lack a sense of direction, with one in four often getting lost while driving, a study has found.

Also, two in three said that they lost their way in their own home town, according to the survey by courier company

Meanwhile, most male drivers (85%) believed that their awareness of direction was very good, with only a small number (11%) admitting that it could be improved.

However, a significant number of women said that the male assessments were not totally believable, with 35% revealing that the men they knew often got into difficulties with directions.

The poll of 1,087 women and 870 men was conducted to investigate the stereotypical image surrounding women drivers.

It showed that while 78% of women believed that they were good at map reading, more than half (53%) insisted that they were better than men in this area.

But as many as 72% of men surveyed said that they did not feel they required maps or sat navs. managing director Sandra Patterson said: "There's no doubt that there is a certain stereotype surrounding female drivers, which is a real shame.

"I think our study proves that men often think they are the stronger sex when it comes to driving, especially in terms of confidence."

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