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Car-puccino experiment completed

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A car that runs entirely on coffee has been driven from London to Manchester, despite breaking down several times along the way.

BBC presenter Jem Stansfield completed a 210-mile trip using an adapted car fuelled by 10,000 espressos, which needs a fresh shot of caffeine every 40 minutes.

Stansfield, from the Bang Goes The Theory BBC1 show, wanted to show how waste energy can be used. The car's system turns the coffee into a flammable gas to fuel its engine and can apparently reach 60mph.

Stansfield said he wants young people to be encouraged to think about new sources of energy and what power actually is.

"Everyone recognises that coffee can give a person a bit of a boost but many probably had no idea it had enough energy locked away to power a car. It's important for kids to understand that power is not something that is mystically there, simply at the flick of a switch or by pushing a pedal."

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