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Drivers 'can't tell vehicle's age'

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A quarter of UK drivers don't know the age of their own car, research suggests.

The Auto Trader survey found one in four could not identify the month and year their vehicle was registered.

One in 10 even admitted they could not tell a vehicle's age by its number plate, which means they are in danger of paying over the odds for a used car.

Vehicles tend to depreciate with every month and year off the forecourt.

When the Auto Trader study presented respondents with an example of a future registration plate, one in four (27%) could not identify the month in which the vehicle would be released, and a similar figure (21%) could not identify the registration year. The Auto Trader study found that there is general confusion on vehicle age, with over one in 10 drivers (12%) believing that new cars are introduced in January of each year, instead of March and September.

Commenting on the study, Matt Thompson, marketing director, Auto Trader, said: "The results of this survey indicate that many British drivers don't understand the number plate system, finding that Brits may not know the age of their own vehicle. Our advice is always to check out our expert guide on our website and do your research before buying a new vehicle, so that you know exactly what you are buying."

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