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Refresher course boost to motorists

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A refresher driving course would be of help to almost half of motorists, especially older drivers and those who have been off the road for a long time, a survey has found.

AA/Populus conducted the study on 12,231 AA members to determine the usefulness of a refresher course for existing drivers, which could help them avoid high car insurance premiums.

An earlier AA survey revealed that 16% of motorists had stopped driving for three years or more, with some of them even having forgotten how to drive.

With the latest survey, the AA Charitable Trust has launched a new programme of free refresher courses for lapsed or rusty drivers, called Drive Confident, that will be administered by the AA Driving School.

AA president Edmund King said: "Almost 90% have named lapsed drivers as a group most likely to benefit from refresher training. An example we came across is a 62-year-old widow whose husband did all the driving.

"She had never driven on roads with a speed limit over 40mph so when he died she was not able to visit family and friends outside her village. Our course has helped her get back behind the wheel and restore her driving confidence."

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