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Grant to tackle surface flooding

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Thousands of homes are expected to benefit from a £5.3 million government grant to help local councils deal with surface water flooding.

Forty-nine local authorities will have a share of the funding to devise plans to tackle floods that occur when the ground, rivers and drains are unable to absorb heavy rainfall.

Environment minister Huw Irranca- Davies announced the new grant, which follows bids by councils last year for between £20,000 to £100,000 to draft flood management plans and carry out engineering works.

The infrastructure revamp is expected to directly benefit more than 1,600 properties, while assessment of potential flood risk and ways to manage it are likely to help a further 112,000 homes.

Mr Irranca-Davies said: "Local authorities have a crucial role to play in tackling flooding and it's vital that they have these funds now so that work can begin on resolving local flooding immediately.

"At the same time they will have the chance to develop the understanding and skills they need for the longer term. We wanted to make sure these funds go where it's most needed and where it can make the biggest difference."

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