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Lost passports cost to rise 2.9%

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The Government has announced that the cost of replacing lost passports overseas, including temporary and emergency documents, is set to increase by 2.9% from April 6.

With the new rule coming into effect from next week, it would be better for British holidaymakers taking a trip abroad after April 6 to make sure their travel insurance covers the cost.

There will be no changes made to the cost of passport applications in the UK. A standard adult passport will cost £77.50.

The cost of issuing a standard passport for over-16s overseas will rise to £128, while fees for an emergency passport will increase to £71 and emergency travel documents to £91.50.

Revealing that other consular costs will increase by 2.9%, Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant said: "It is right that those who benefit from consular services should meet the cost of them, rather than the UK taxpayer."

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