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DIY ability is in the genes - study

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A new study has shown that around two in three people do not have the necessary spatial awareness to complete Do-It-Yourself tasks.

According to scientists, DIY ability is in the genes and some people lack the mental equipment necessary to manipulate shapes, which results in them struggling to finish DIY tasks successfully.

The study of 2,000 UK adults conducted for Halifax Home Insurance found that men are better "programmed" to carry out essential home improvement tasks.

To measure inherent DIY ability, participants were asked to complete specially designed multi-dimensional puzzles, which revealed their innate understanding of shapes and mechanics - an ability not subject to "trial and error" learning.

Psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson, who led the experiment, said: "Although there is not one specific DIY gene, spatial awareness is vital in understanding how shapes fit together and is therefore fundamental to DIY skills."

It was estimated that in 2009 about £400 million worth of damage was caused by people who lack DIY ability.

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