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Annual car running costs rise 9%

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Running a car has become 9% more expensive in only five months, mainly due to rising costs of fuel and insurance, new figures have shown.

The average annual cost of motoring has risen to £2,539 from £2,338 in October 2009, according to Sainsbury's Finance.

Annual running costs have increased by £438 from September 2007 - a steep 20% rise over the period.

Since October 2009 car insurance premiums have increased 11% and fuel costs by 10%, with drivers spending an average of £1,400 a year on petrol or diesel.

Tax has increased 3.4% in the last five months and by 26% from September 2007. The cost of servicing vehicles has remained almost the same, with only a 1% rise since October 2009.

Sainsbury's car insurance spokesman, Ben Tyte, said: "The cost of motoring has soared in recent months as all costs, but particularly fuel prices and insurance premiums, continue to rise.

"The cost of driving can be kept better in check by shopping around, particularly for car insurance and servicing."

People looking to buy brand-new cars could also try and haggle for lower prices to offset higher vehicle excise duty tax introduced on April 1, he added.

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