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Driving ban for drunk bike teacher

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A motorcycle instructor who continually fell off a bike in the course of a lesson owing to being drunk has been handed a three-year ban from driving.

Sandra Kenyon was found to have 131mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath - over four times the legal level of 35mg - as she took a pupil of the Ridesafe Motorcycle school for a lesson around Bradford, West Yorkshire. Following the third crash, police were summoned to help the 46-year-old, and found two brandy bottles in her jacket - one empty, the other three-quarters full.

At a previous hearing, Mrs Kenyon had admitted to riding a motorcycle while incapacitated through alcohol. At Bingley Magistrates' Court, the mother-of-two from Northedge Park, Hipperholme, Halifax, was issued a three year driving ban and ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid community work.

Mrs Kenyon dropped her bike on the ground shortly after setting off from Holme Wood, in Bradford, and was "on the floor again" soon after, according to Nadine Clough, prosecuting.

The court heard she set off yet again towards Shipley but as her pupil, Mr Hopkins, approached a roundabout on Wrose Road, he could not see Kenyon following him, as she had fallen off again.

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