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Laziness driving men off car checks

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Mechanical ignorance results in women not carrying out simple checks on their cars, while men do so because of sheer laziness, a survey has found.

The poll of 2,043 adults by automotive parts company Kwik-Fit found that up to 19% of motorists fail to conduct any maintenance checks between the Ministry of Transport (MoT) tests, increasing the risk of having to make a car insurance claim as a result of a faulty vehicle.

Women drivers are twice as likely as men to fail to make checks because they are unaware of what to look for, while men are five times more likely as women to say they are not bothered.

Around 23% overall prefer to continue using their car until a fault appears while 15% are just too lazy. Around 2% of motorists even said that they did not want to know about any problems because it would increase their worries.

The top reason for not making checks was maintenance ignorance and some drivers did not even know tasks like checking the lights and the windscreen.

Kwik-Fit customer services director David White said: "The research seems to support some traditional views of male and female attitudes to car maintenance. However, whatever the reasons for so many drivers not checking their cars between MoTs, the result is that their car could have faults which aren't spotted for up to a year."

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