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Honda introduces electric scooter

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Honda has unveiled a new zero-emission electric scooter, bringing the latest green technology to motorbikes in Japan.

According to the motor giant, the EV-neo scooter is equivalent of a 50cc petrol-powered bike.

The green scooter has a 20-mile range on single charge and a maximum speed of around 20mph.

The EV-neo takes four hours to recharge fully from a regular home socket and it can be recharged about 80% in 20 minutes using a special machine. Honda, which already makes the Insight hybrid car, initially plans to target delivery companies such as pizza firms for sales.

The company, which plans to lease the new scooters, hopes to set a price that will cost less than a normal motorbike over three years including petrol prices. It is expected that each scooter would cost up to about £5,200.

Toshiyuki Inuma, general manager at Honda, believed that the EV-neo will give the firm a chance to push an electric vehicle, an area where its competitors such as Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors have been more aggressive.

He continued: "The motorcycle is a more nimble business, and it allows us to try out more things."

Overseas plans and sales of the EV-neo to individual consumers has not been revealed.

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