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City congestion rates revealed

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Britain has some of the most congested city roads in Europe, according to a new poll.

Four UK cities, plus the Irish capital Dublin, featured in the top 20 most gridlocked European towns in a survey by satnav company TomTom.

In a most-congested list of 59 European towns, London was in fourth place, Edinburgh fifth, Dublin sixth, Belfast eighth and Birmingham 13th.

No other country had more than two cities in the top 13 and only Italy and Poland had as many as three in the top 20.

Based on TomTom-monitored speeds, the most congested city was Brussels, followed by the Polish cities of Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Cardiff was in 26th place, with Leeds 29th, Sheffield 34th and Glasgow 45th.

Britons looking for quieter roads abroad might consider France. Although Marseilles was in eighth place and Paris ninth, no other French cities were in the 59-destination list.

No German city was higher than Munich in 28th place. But after that there were 11 more German cities in the list, including Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin.

The least congested city in the list was Zaragoza in Spain.

A TomTom spokesperson said: "It's bad news for the Brits. Despite the congestion charge, few Londoners will be surprised to find their city comes in fourth overall, while Edinburgh and Belfast also make the top 10."

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