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Home buildings premiums up by 1.8%

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Poor weather conditions across the UK have had an adverse effect on home insurance, sending home buildings premiums up 1.8%, the latest benchmark British Insurance Premium Index revealed.

The figures have been rising continuously over the past year, although the cost of contents cover dropped by 2.6% over the first quarter of 2010.

But buying a combined policy covering home and contents is now more expensive, with the cost having risen by 3.4%, suggesting discount offers are waning.

The Index is based on the market average premiums from nearly 80 insurers for about 800 'customers'.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "There have been several damaging weather events over the past year - from golf ball-sized hailstones to tornadoes and, over the winter, damage from ice and snow.

"Severe damage from storms or floods means extensive and expensive repairs to buildings while the work must also meet current building regulations on, for example, re-wiring or insulation.

"However, the contents insurance market remains very fluid. Confounding predictions that steadily increasing frequency and cost of claims would lead to premium increases, costs have remained relatively static. A small rise over the previous quarter has been almost cancelled out and the average quoted premium is only 5% higher than when the Index started, back in 1994."

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