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Convertible cars sold at auction

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As many as 400 convertible cars have been sold at a special event conducted by British Car Auctions, indicating a rise in the number of new car insurance policies.

The warmer weather has been credited for the recent rise in demand for drop-top vehicles, which resulted into a £4.6 million turnover.

The event which took place at BCA's Blackbushe facility, saw the entire stock of 400 convertible vehicles being sold.

The auction featured cars ranging from Mini Convertibles to Aston Martin DB9 Volantes, with values from less than £4,000 to more than £50,000.

Tim Naylor, PR manager at BCA, said: "Admittedly it was a gloriously sunny day at our Blackbushe Auction Centre. But it was tremendously encouraging to see more than 350 buyers in the auction hall. There were also more than 100 dealers bidding via the internet using BCA's Live Online service.

"Whilst there have been mixed messages on the economy over the last few weeks - and with the General Election campaigns in full swing some consumers might be feeling nervous about making bigger financial commitments, this sale seemed to suggest a good level of optimism amongst the trade and private buyers."

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