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Black boxes proposed for US cars

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New cars and lorries in the US may have black boxes installed to record crash data under government plans - which could help when making a car insurance claim.

Draft legislation has been laid out by the House of Representatives' Energy and Commerce Committee, which aims to strengthen vehicle safety, following the widespread recall of Toyota vehicles amid safety concerns.

The Japanese car giant recalled more than eight million vehicles across the globe and was fined £11 million by the US government for its slow response.

Furthermore, the draft legislation proposes to abolish caps on civil penalties and a US government safety administration could order the immediate recall of a vehicle if it finds an "imminent hazard of death or serious injury".

It would also require new safety standards related to brake override systems and means to stop pedals from getting trapped in floor mats.

The proposals also include the appointment of a motor industry executive to certify the accuracy of information submitted to safety administration, with any executive found to provide false information fined up to £163 million.

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