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Night TV 'leaving drivers tired'

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Too much late-night television may be leaving many motorists "dangerously" exhausted when they get behind the wheel, a study has suggested.

According to a poll by, more than eight in 10 (83%) drivers go to bed after 10pm, with 62% of them citing TV as the main reason for staying up late.

Meanwhile, nearly three-quarters of those surveyed admitted they drove the morning rush hour despite not getting a decent shut-eye, with 56% confessing to speeding on their way to work.

The combination of lack of sleep and dangerous driving not only poses a major safety risk, but also leaves motorists facing potential cash penalties, such as high car insurance premiums.

Of the 3,000 motorists surveyed, 86% said they were getting less than eight hours sleep a day.

Seven in 10 said they suffered from insomnia, induced chiefly by financial worries and work-related concerns. Domestic troubles were also keeping people from getting a good night's sleep.

The most popular time for setting off for work by car was between 8am and 8.30am, which also coincided with the time of the most accidents among those surveyed. operations head Jeremy Herbert said: "People are living fast-paced lives but worryingly our survey shows they don't seem to be able to slow down behind the wheel. This is even more dangerous when combined with a lack of sleep."

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