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Robbie Knievel in Idaho jump plan

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Robbie Knievel, the son of daredevil Evel Knievel, is planning to jump the Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho, his spokesman has said.

The motorcycle jumper's spokesman revealed that Knievel will be discussing the plan of the jump, which is provisionally scheduled for the Fourth of July weekend in 2011, with officials in Twin Falls on Monday.

Knievel's stunt comes almost four decades after his father's attempt to jump the canyon in a rocket-powered Skycycle failed when the parachute malfunctioned and opened soon after take off.

The motorcycle jumper from Montana, who has been planning the jump for decades, visited the area in the 1990s to get permission. But later he said that he wanted to "make sure everybody is happy about it first".

Local officials and businesses have been trying to lure visitors to the region using the site of Evel Knievel's stunt.

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