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BMW owners 'worst drivers on road'

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BMW owners are said to be the worst drivers on the road, with a new survey considering the car to be a "must avoid" rather than a "must have" vehicle.

According to a poll of more than 1,000 motorists by used-car website, unawareness of others and a lack of concentration were BMW drivers' biggest faults.

Aggression, rudeness and and a tendency towards road rage were some of the other complaints against BMW drivers, while some also often tended to drive too close to the car in front, the study added. group marketing manager Rob Queen said: "BMW drivers unfortunately are left tarnished with the same brush, due to a minority of bad drivers."

Urging BMW drivers to work on their driving etiquette, he went on: "For example, just saying thanks for being let through a space by another driver will score several brownie points and takes no effort at all."

The survey further showed that owners of Ford cars were regarded as the next worst drivers on the road, followed by Volvo drivers.

Meanwhile, van drivers and young people were found to be the worst motorists, followed by taxi drivers, old people and mothers on the school run.

Drivers in London were considered to be worse than those of other regions, with people in south-east England and the West Midlands coming next.

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