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'12m vehicles ready for getaway'

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Providers are expecting a rash of car insurance claims as drivers prepare for the gridlock of the annual bank holiday getaway.

As many as 12 million vehicles are expected to hit the road over the coming four days, with heavier-than-normal traffic expected as schools close for half-term.

The Highways Agency has suspended more than 30 sets of roadworks until Monday, but 32 remain in place, including those on a section of the M25 in Hertfordshire.

People taking trains will have to contend with delays and cancellations on some lines due to engineering work, while a number of Tube lines will also be part-suspended over the weekend.

Travellers face cool, showery weather - in contrast to last weekend's hot conditions - with virtually all parts expected to see some rain.

Forecaster Tom Tobler said a deep area of low pressure was expected to bring in cool weather on Saturday, with highs of 16C (61F) in the south.

It is likely to be breezy and cool again on Sunday with widespread showers, although the west should see some sunshine that will spread east.

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