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Traffic alert for holiday weekend

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The bank holiday weekend is likely to see up to 15 million cars vying for space on the roads, with the AA predicting that around a third of motorists in the country could be travelling.

The AA said despite forecasts of cool and showery weather, 33% said they would definitely travel over the weekend, with a further 20% of motorists saying they were likely to join the travelling fray, with schools on holiday for half-term.

The Highways Agency will complete 23 sets of roadworks before the weekend and 31 other sets will be suspended from 6am on Friday until midnight on bank holiday Monday.

Thirty two more sets, including those on a section of the M25 in Hertfordshire, will remain in place.

Drivers hoping to avoid car insurance claims may want to take care on roads in the south west of England, which are likely to be the busiest.

Congestion is also expected on main routes to the coast and national parks.

AA patrolman of the year Paul Leather said: "Although the weather is expected to be a bit mixed, many drivers will head out regardless and lots of families will travel for half-term.

"Unless you're somewhere remote, it may be difficult to avoid traffic this weekend."

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