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Two-car Britons the average: Poll

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The average Briton is paying car insurance premiums on two vehicles, one a Ford Fiesta, according to a new study.

Researchers also found that a snapshot of the average person in Britain showed they live at The Cottage on the High Street, do not smoke and the most common surname is Smith.

In a poll by market researchers OnePoll, the average person was found to be an early riser, getting up between 6am and 7am to commute to work by car.

The survey also reported that 27% of office workers stay in during their lunch break, going to the canteen or kitchen for a snack, rather than getting some fresh air. Most Brits said they went to bed at 11pm.

In the study of 2,000 people, women said they made more insurance claims for accidental damage than men, roughly every 8.5 years compared to every nine.

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