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Use of bus lanes by bikes urged

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Because of the inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle, bike insurance can be expensive to obtain. So with that in mind every move taken to make life safer for riders is appreciated.

The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) has called on the Mayor and Transport for London to make an experimental scheme allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes in the capital permanent.

The temporary arrangement is due to end on July 5.

More motorcycle miles were travelled in 2009 compared to other years, with the rise attributed to the scheme.

A majority of cyclists were happy to share bus lanes with motorcycles, despite the expectations of cycle lobbyists that it would impact negatively on bicycle safety, an interim report found.

Steve Kenward, MCI's Acting CEO, said: "Given that the July deadline is now quite close, we are surprised that the Mayor has been silent.

"It is clear that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes has been a positive step for motorcycling as a whole and a positive step for London, with increases in motorcycle use demonstrating this."

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