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Petrol prices increase in Europe

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Britons taking motoring holidays abroad hoping to escape high petrol prices in the UK will be disappointed to discover fuel costs have rocketed on the continent too.

However a survey by Post Office Travel Money found that despite 12-month rises of more than 20% in some countries, fuel prices in Europe are still mainly lower than in Britain.

Comparing the UK with 13 other European countries, the survey revealed that five had cheaper petrol than the UK, while all but Norway had less-expensive diesel.

While the average UK price of a litre of petrol - based on prices towards the end of May 2010 - was around 122p, the Luxembourg average was 107p. Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Ireland all had cheaper petrol than the UK.

Norway, at 148p a litre, had the most expensive petrol, with the Netherlands (145p), Denmark (137p) and Belgium (136p) also proving costly.

Luxembourg had the cheapest diesel, at 91p a litre, with the UK figure being 123p. The figure for Norway - the most-expensive diesel country - was 135p.

The survey also showed that while UK petrol prices have increased 17.3% since this time last year, the rise has been as high as 22.8% in Spain and 24.5% in Sweden.

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