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DfT announces motorbike test review

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Changes to the standard motorcycle test could mean improved safety and a reduction in motorbike insurance claims by riders.

Road safety minister Mike Penning has announced that motorcycle and training regimes will be examined.

The current motorcycle test has two parts, and was introduced in April 2009 in order to meet the requirements of the second EU Directive on driving licences.

The minister ordered the review after hearing from concerned motorcycle groups, and visiting a test centre to look at the testing procedure in more detail.

The DfT review will examine the manoeuvres carried out in both modules 1 (off-road) and 2 (on-road) and the possibility of carrying out these manoeuvre safely in the on-road test.

Views are welcome from motorcycle riders, trainers, road safety groups, the wider public and others on what aspects of the motorcycle test should be examined.

This includes how and where they think motorcycle testing might best and most safely be carried out.

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