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20% 'would flee parked-car bump'

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A fifth of drivers have admitted they would not leave their details if they bumped into a parked car, a survey shows.

Another 20% said, whether or not they owned up to damaging a stationary vehicle with their own dodgy driving would depend on what car they hit.

But many people had also been on the receiving end, with 45% of the 3,000 motorists questioned by insurance firm saying they have had their own parked car damaged. Of these only 15% were lucky enough to be left the details of the culprit, suggesting the true figure of "honest drivers" on the road might be lower than those polled were prepared to admit.

The poll showed:

:: Two-thirds would not leave their details if there was no obvious damage to the car they hit;

:: Only 1% would leave details if they hit a hot hatch such as a Volkswagen Golf GTi;

:: 61% of women and 56% of men would always leave their details if they caused visible damage;

:: Regionally, Wales and London has the least honest motorists in respect of smash-and-run incidents, while the most honest drivers are in Scotland, Northern Ireland and south east England;

:: 25% of those aged 18 or under would not confess if they caused minor damage to a friend's car, while only 6% of those over 55 would fail to own up;

:: Of those who have been a victim of a smash-and-run, around half accepted it as as just one of those things, while 9% called the police and 1% sought revenge by damaging the culprit's car.

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