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Car parks on comedy veteran's foot

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Six foot tall veteran comedian Bernie Clifton was left "screaming blue murder" after a car parked on his foot in Cape Town and the driver claimed "he didn't see him".

The Chrysler Voyager pinned Bernie to the ground resulting in him needing treatment from the Cape Town hospital.

After suffering heavy bruising Bernie, who is touring with the England Supporters' Band during the World Cup, may now be forced to go to England's next game against Algeria on Friday in a wheelchair.

Luckily it seems that Bernie had taken out travel insurance which covered him against accidents such as this.

He said: "I've had better days. I was standing there minding my own business when I got a nudge in the back.

"The next thing I know a car had pulled in and stopped on my foot. I tried to pull away and hammered on his front wing.

"I was screaming blue murder, banging on the car.

"The car was parked on my foot. He said 'I never saw you.' I said 'I'm 6ft tall wearing a white t-shirt."

Clifton said the car, which had pulled into a parking bay in Long Street, contained "four large people".

Police arrived at the scene and took the comedian to the hospital where he spent four hours before being released.

He said: "I'll be at the game even if I'm in a wheelchair. To be honest, the band can't do without me."

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