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Families slash fuel bills in study

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Simple changes to daily travel behaviour can slash family fuel costs by as much as 27 per cent in just a month and a half, a study has suggested.

Car insurance companies will be interested to know that each of the 11 UK families participating in the six-week Shell Smarter Drivers experiment received fuel efficiency tips on driving technique and maintenance - and the tweaking of travel habits helped each family to an average potential saving of £310 per year on petrol bills.

Behaviour was changed in two areas; driving in a fuel efficient manner and local journey planning to slash overall car usage.

One family was able to reduce bills by up to 62 per cent, or the equivalent of a £710 saving each year.

All families received tips ranging from keeping tyres at the right pressure to removing the roof rack, avoiding excess weight in the car and keeping a constant speed.

The eleven families cut their overall mileage by 25 per cent on average, with four families being able to achieve more than 50% reduction during the challenge.

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