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Speed cameras 'are not cash cows'

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Speed cameras are there for road safety and not as a cash cow for local councils, a minister has said.

Junior transport minister Mike Penning told the Commons at question time that no more money will be provided by the Government for local authorities for new fixed speed cameras.

Driving within the speed limit can make a huge difference to the car insurance premium you have to pay. The more points on your licence - the more costly your cover will be as insurers will deem you to be a higher-risk motorist.

"If local authorities want new cameras they are free to do so using their own resources.

"But we strongly encourage them to use other methods of effective safety measures."

Mr Penning said there were three times as many speed cameras in the country now than 10 years ago.

"The public must be confident speed cameras are there for road safety - not as a cash cow. Under this Government it will not be so."

Labour former transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said speed cameras had helped cut the toll of deaths and injuries on Britain's roads, and income was less than money spent by the Government on them.

Mr Penning said speed cameras could help to protect the public but their growth had been so great that the public was concerned about whether they were in place for safety reasons or to raise money for the Treasury.

"Central Government will not put any more money in. If local authorities want to do so, that's OK."

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